We allocate drivers based on their preferred car. We run polls in Discord prior to the event to determine interest and try where possible to place drivers as per this first choice.


There are typically two circumstances when we might ask a driver to transfer teams.

  1. When numbers mean we have unbalance team splits. There is a minimum and maximum effective number for a team and sometimes moving a driver to another team means we can run a team where otherwise we wouldn’t be running.
  2. When driver timezones mean its difficult to schedule drivers through the GMT night period. As a predominatly GMT-Based Discord its those unsocialable GMT night hours where driver options might be more limited.

These transfers will be based around timezoning and suitability:

There are two ways to increase your selection preference for a specific car:

  1. Get seat time prior to Pre-Team Selection – run the car as part of your week to week racing.
  2. Do more than the minimum 2 full stints in Pre-Team Selection.

Team Captain

A Team Captain will be nominated. Their role will be to:

  • Discuss final scheduling and agree with the team when everyone is racing.
  • Facilitate discussions around final car choice (GT3) and setup.