Race Day Briefing

In the Warm Up

  • Run test session prior to first stint.
  • Confirm electronics and applications are functioning properly such as:
    • FFB, audio, external spotter (crew chief), etc.

Handling the Qualification Phase


Handling the Race Start


Pit Stops and Driver Change Overs

On the IN Lap

  1. Are tires and fuel set properly? (confirm with outgoing driver)
  2. In the case of a Driver Swap does the Incoming Driver know who is relieving them and when?

In the PITS

  • Incoming Driver to remove Outgoing Driver from from the vehicle.
    • This is a simple indication their iRacing connection is active and ready
  • Are all in-car settings such as brake bias and diffs correct? (confirm with outgoing driver)

On the OUT Lap

  • Update Actual End time and Actual Laps in the Sassy Schedule.
    • Actual End time should be when the car hits the track, not just when the car starts moving.
    • Make sure you know how to do this before the event. Its easy but also not easy!

Race Engineer (aka The Spotter)

These are team events and it comes the luxury of having other people around able to feed us specific and timely information on the race as it progresses. Everyone commits time to events like this both before in the build up and during the event itself so its important to embrace the team element. Many of us will be accustomed to managing all the ‘pit wall’ aspects ourselves during non-team races but this is a chance for us to get closer to realism with real life motorsport and enjoy the pit wall coms!

Race Engineer Tasks

The driver’s job should be to drive – eyes forward. The spotters job is to provide the driver with essential information as the stint progresses. Ideally, less is more is best here unless the driver wants to chat – the spotter should be led by their driver. The following information should be fed to the driver somewhat in order of importance:

  1. Driver Behind:
    • Pre Catch: driving aggression, latency information and average lap time/delta.
    • Reduced Gap: as the gap reduces (20 secs, 10 secs, 5 secs, 2 secs, < 1 sec) the driver should be provided with a simple update.
    • Pass Imminent: At <2 secs possible passing place information could be given.
  2. Driver Ahead: Time Gap and gains/loses with position. Include driving aggression and latency information if overtake is likely.
  3. Progress: No. Of Laps remaining and Fuel Usage.
  4. Other: Answer driver questions and discuss issues as raised by the driver.

Voice Channels

Its natural that people want to come together and discuss the race and what’s happening. That teams want to discuss the race but please RESPECT THE DRIVER. Not everyone enjoys lots of noise and it makes it difficult for the spotter to do their job.

  • Team Channels should only be occupied by the Driver & Spotter.
  • Average Chatters should be the general discussion area.

Strategy Discussions