Two or three weeks before the event we run open practice sessions in the evening (20:30 UK Time). This is to give people a chance to try car/track combos before commiting to the team and to show their own commitment to the event.

You should complete a minimum of two (2) stints of demonstrable race pace before the end of the week or the date specified. Your stint data must be posted to Garage61. This ensures fairness and transparency to all.

Stints & Pace

A stint is the car leaving the pits with a full tank of fuel (endurance) and returning to the pits when refueling is demanded. For example the LMP2 @ Le Mans will complete 8-10 laps on a full tank of 75L.

  • The stints do not need to be concurrent.
  • Quali pace is not necessary – You want clean laps at a consistent pace across a single stint.
  • No mid-stint stops for repairs.


You can use any of the cars that will be available at the event although 2 stints must be completed in your preferred car.

Set Up

There is no setup requirement – you can use what ever setup you like.


We encourage you to run conditions similar to what would be expected on race day but without rain. Even if rain is expected on the day we cannot assume drivers have had the practice time yet. Expected weather will be posted either on the website and/or Discord.

Other Drivers

There is no expectation for you to do this in a live practice session – you can do it off line in a test session. This is about checking for commitment and the ability to keep the car on track for the duration of a stint.

Garage 61

We use Garage 61 for team data collection because it allows us to learn from each other. Drivers can compare gear selection and braking points in order to improve. We can also share Setups easily via G61.

You can get the team link via the Discord. If you have any issues with G61 you can:

  1. Ask in our Discord.
  2. Check the documentation.
  3. Ask on the G61 Discord.