Between Team Selection and Race Day its expected that drivers will be practicing and there will be much discussion in the Discord on the details. The following are some topics that might and/or should be covered:

  1. Agree the Set-Up (see below)
  2. Finalise the Schedule (see below)
  3. Agree the Qualifying Driver and qualifying setup.
  4. Agree any team goals – do you have retirement conditions?
  5. Back up Communications – assuming you will use Discord voice chat agree a back up. If need be this might include passing all mobile numbers to the team captain for distribution in a emergency.
  6. Practice Schedule – discuss when and where you will be practicing. (see below)
  7. Do any software updates and turn off Auto-Update (see below).
  8. Know your Pit-stops – How much time do they take? What is the free pit-stop time?

1. Agree the Set-Up

In team events all drivers shares the same set up. Only wheel/pit box adjustments can be made by individual drivers. So its important to test, discuss and share different setups prior to the event so everyone is comfortable with the car. Its useful to test the following scenarios:

  • Different weather & track conditions as expected during the race.
  • High & Low fuel levels including full stint runs.
  • Day and Night running (if applicable).
  • Hybrid/DRS deployment strategies (if applicable).

Ideally the setup should be agreed early so that drivers have maximum acclimatization time to drive with it. There should be minimum 72-48 hours run time between agreeing a setup and race day.

2. Schedule

For team endurance events we use Sassy Endurance Manager. Its an imperfect Google spreadsheet but it does what we need. If you are planning to run or captain a team its worth taking sometime to ensure you are familar with how it works.

Welfare Breaks & Availability

Everyone should be encouraged to take a sensible and proportional breaks away from the race. Even if you might want to hang around for the full 24 hours its better to allocate everyone some bunk time. Ultimately we do this because:

“There are clear negative effects of sleep deprivation on performance, including reaction time, accuracy, vigor, submaximal strength, and endurance. Cognitive functions such as judgment and decision-making also suffer”

So, when we setup a new Sassy for an event the first thing added is suitable welfare breaks. On a 24hr event this will mean blocking out hours roughly between 23:00 and 07:00. On 12 hour events it probably means giving people a lunch break around 12:00 and 14:00. Shorter events and teams of two make this harder but its always a good starting point even if the hours need to be compromised during final strategy planning.

Stint Length

In the schedule the default is the double stint, which would be roughly 1.5 to 2.0 hours long in IMSA classes. The benefits of this are:

  • Single stints increase the chance of technical problems occuring during change over with wheel bases etc.
  • We benefit from greater driver/track familiarity lap at the beginning of a stint when running on cold tyres fully loaded with full. This was particularly apparent in the 24Hr Lemans when track temp varied so much.
  • By not stretching people with normal stint allocation its easy to add an emergency extra stint if needed. Scenarios include technical issues, power or internet outages and/or driver is late returning to the service.

6. Practice Schedule

With the Race Day Schedule agreed you should be able to start practicing in conditions that match those you will encounter on the day. Will your stints be at night or during the day. What are the track conditions going to be?

If there are public practice sessions and races happening we strongly encourage participation. Do not get drawn into hot lapping in a sanatised private test session.

We alway advise you practice back to back full stints so you get comfortable with pit-stops.

7. Software Auto Updates

Within 7 days of race day everyone should do any updates and then pause Windows > Auto Updates for 7 days. No one needs Windows to start updating or downloading updates on Race Day.