iRacing Telem, APIs & SDKs

Working document with notes on APIs, SDKs and reading telemetry.

Boat Blower Wind Sim [Retired]

Retired Solution – See updated 120mm Fans solution. My twin blower design uses either a 12 or 24v 100mm/4″ boat blower and Arduino Uno with a Monster Motor Shield while a honeycomb straightener ensures maximum wind is blown… Read More

iRacing Triple Setup

Switching to triple monitors, The whats, whys and shake downs.

Painting Cars in iRacing

Another working document – this time mainly on the topic of painting cars in iRacing but with some camera editing notes. Software There are both free and paid options for making paints in iRacing. In my opinon all… Read More

The iRacers Lament

Why are the driving standards so bad? Look at this idiot. What could I have done to avoid this? Something needs to change.

Sim Hub Bass Shakers

Missing those kerbs and in-car sensations? Base shakers will take you a big step closer to full immersion without the expense and complication of motion.

iRacing Graphics Setup.

Setup file for HP Reverb G2s in iRacing

Sim Hub Wind Simulation Kit

Keeping cool and feeling the wind while racing. This is a SimHub feature which brings the experience of wind to your sim racing setup.

Assetto Corsa Car Setup.

If you are keen to maximise the performance of your car in Assetto Corsa then you are going to be tweaking the default setup. Laurence Dusoswa produced a really simple Assetto Corsa EASY car tuning guide cheat sheet… Read More

Development of a SimHub Dash

Making an external dashboard for sim racing means you can hide the wheel from your cockpit view and make the most of your display.