Multi Field Dropdown in Cakephp.

You get the picture – your database stores Firstname and Surname but you want Full Name to appear in a drop down.

Cakephp Migration from 1.3 to 2+

Moving from one version of a framework to another can be a daunting process especially when ‘living’ documentation is vague.  Cake provide a general migration guide but this how I’ve had success migrating from 1.3 to 2.0 in the past.

Securing Cakephp Forms including Ajax, JQuery & Security

While building a recent CakePHP solution in addition to securing my forms I needed to use some JQuery-driven Ajax calls. Although on the surface this appeared straight forward the documentation was lacking in the detail required. I wasted alot of time trying different things that didn’t work idependantly but once put together provided what I …