WordPress Windguru Plugin


[wewgpi station=”329″ id=”c568385101″]

See a multi-forecast demonstration on my beaches page.

Installation Notes

  • Download web-ethical-windguru-plugin-3.00 and then use the built-in wordpress plugin installer to upload the zip file.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Goto the settings > Wind Guru Plugin Admin Menu and fill in at least your id_user.
  • Insert forecasts into pages/posts in the format {wewgpi station="100" id="SOME_CODE"} where the {Curly} brackets must be [Square] ones!

To Add Forecasts

  • Locate the page or post where you want the forecast to appear
  • Get the forecast insert php code given on Windguru e.g. windguru_forecast(100,’SOME_CODE’)
  • Translate it into {wewgpi station="100" id="SOME_CODE"} where the {Curly} brackets must be [Square] ones!
  • Insert into the page and update.
  • Bingo you should have a working forecast.

Getting the windguru forecast codes.

The plugin system will only work if you have registered with windguru and have created favourite forecasts in your windguru account.

  1. Register with Windguru: If you are not already registered with Windguru go to https://www.windguru.cz/int/novy.php
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Go to Settings > Forecasts for your Websites.
  4. You are able to add up to 10 spots – either click on Add Another Spot or select one from those you have previously created.
  5. In the forecast preview you will see the forecast followed by some code. You want the two numbers located inside the php code.
  6. Place these numbers inside the plugin call as explained for each plugin.

I owe a huge thanks to Vaclav Hornik for his support and letting me publish these plugins