MySql – Insert

Inserting rows into MySql can be done in a couple of ways. You can use the INSERT…VALUES and INSERT…SET commands.


MySql is probably the worlds most popular database engine.

MySql – Create Database

Create Database databasename will create a new database on the mysql server.

MySQL – Create Table

You can create a table in a mysql database using the Create table tablename … command.

MySql – Feedback

Getting helpful feedback from MySQL when it errors is possible if you use the following: mysql_query($sql) or die(‘Some useful message:’ . mysql_error() );

MySql – Relationships

Dealing with relationships in MySql is not as straightforward as either MS Access or as you would have hoped for. Creating simple primary keys isn’t too difficult

MySql – Connections

Connecting to the MySql database via PHP is done through the CONNECT functions.

MySql – Select

SELECTING DATA To grab a bunch of data from an SQL database you need to write a SELECT query.

MySql – Delete

If you need to delete a row you can use the DELETE command with a WHERE clause dictating which ones: DELETE FROM tbl_nameWHERE fieldx = “X”; Example DELETE FROM criminals WHERE crime = “Arson”; Further Information and examples here