File I/O

Many programs require that we store data between runs or load at start up. A simple example might be highest scores for a game or questions for a quiz program.

Arrays & Lists

In python, Lists are the common form of an array but Dictionaries are also common when key value data structures are required.

TKinter Images

You can attach images to the canvas with welcomeGif = PhotoImage(file = ‘./images/welcome.gif’)canvas.create_image(canvas_width/2,canvas_height/2, image=welcomeGif) Where the example image is located in a image subfolder of the program with type gif. If you wanted to change the image to… Read More

Tkinter Text

You can add text to a TKinter canvas with the following code titletext = canvas.create_text(10, 10, anchor=”nw”, fill=”red”) This creates a canvas text object with the name title text in the colour of red.  The text is anchored… Read More

Usborne 1980s Computer Books

Many of today’s tech professionals were inspired by the Usborne computing books they read as children. The books included program listings for such iconic computers as the ZX Spectrum, the BBC Micro and the Commodore 64, and are still used in some compute


Doxygen is a program/system for extracting comments from code sources files and auto-magically turning those nicely written comments into nicely presented technical documentation for your application

Virtual Box

Using Virtual Box Virtual Machines running a guest Linux installation


The java-based game engine behind Minecraft, but what makes it this months sub-zero find its that it is pretty easy to learn and use.


Quest is a text adventure game platform that allows users to create and publish their own choose your own adventures.