Tkinter GIFS

This python class provides an easy way to include animated gifs on a TKinter canvas.

Tkinter Buttons

You can create buttons such as a quit button quit_button = Button(root, text = “Quit”, command = root.quit, anchor = ‘w’, width = 10, activebackground = “#33B5E5”) quit_button_window = canvas.create_window(10, 10, anchor=’nw’, window=quit_button) You can make images into… Read More


There are a number of different packages that enable GUIs in Python. TKinter is not perfect but it is installed as standard which makes it a handy choice for schools. These are some notes on creating GUIs and Games in Python using TKinter.

Getting Started

How to install and get started with Python.


Variables are named locations in memory used to store data. Unlike lower level programming languages e.g. C and Java Python does not require us to declare a data type, which some people say is BOO!


In Python you use the input command to get input from the user.


Ifs allow us to make selections in programming and to decide which direction we go in a program.


Looping code is one of the key programming constructs. Python gives us lots of interesting ways to do it.


A method is a small self-contained section of code that is defined by the programmer and completes a small task or process.


Not so random random stuff from Python. Still good but not entirely random!