MySql – Relationships

Dealing with relationships in MySql is not as straightforward as either MS Access or as you would have hoped for. Creating simple primary keys isn’t too difficult

TKinter Drawing

TKinter can be used to draw simple shapes e.g. Square, Polygons, and Circles.

Tkinter Events

Tkinter employs a type of programming called Event-Driven which means that the program runs in a endless loop waiting for things (events) to happen.  In order for the program to respond to these events it needs to know what… Read More


Many programs require some sort of date time facility. Python DateTime, Date and Time libraries make it very easy to manipulate time.


Using a potentiometer (variable resistor) to change the flash rate of an LED.

Zumo Buzzer

The Zumo Robot shield comes with a buzzer that can be used to signify events or actions.

Zumo Motors

The Zumo Shield libraries provide basic motor operation consisting of PWM speed control and direction.  

MySql – Connections

Connecting to the MySql database via PHP is done through the CONNECT functions.

MySql – Delete

If you need to delete a row you can use the DELETE command with a WHERE clause dictating which ones: DELETE FROM tbl_nameWHERE fieldx = “X”; Example DELETE FROM criminals WHERE crime = “Arson”; Further Information and examples here

MySql – Select

SELECTING DATA To grab a bunch of data from an SQL database you need to write a SELECT query.