Development of a SimHub Dash

These are notes and discussion on the development of a SimHub Dash to sit over my SUC2.

The BRIG Sim Racing Rig

How and why I built my sim racing rig.

Klipper for Ender 5+ with SKR1.4 (and EVA2)

Setting up an Ender 5+ running an SKR1.4 and EVA 2 with Klipper.

Thinker Linear Rails & Direct Drive

The switch to a Direct Drive configuration and at the same upgrade to linear rails on both the Y and X axis.

Getting your prints to stick.

Reflections on resolving common levelling, offsetting and adhesion issues

Eryone Thinker SE Upgrade Modifications

Encouraged by Gary ‘Thinker’ Hall from CaveWorkz I joined the Eryone family just before Christmas. GH pointed me in the direction of a number of upgrades and modifications that would make the Eryone Thinker SE even more suitable.