The amazing versatile Arduino microprocessor board that can be used in many projects.

Light Sensor

This project shows how the Arduino can monitor light values using a Photo Resistor and adjust a LED in response.

Zumo Inertia

The Zumo Robot is fitted with a set of Inertia Sensors that can be used to detect collisions and determine bearings/direction. The later 1.2v of the Zumo Shield includes a Gyroscope.  


The Arduino Serial functionality can be used for both debugging and sending data to and from the device via other communication channels such as BlueTooth.

Zumo Lines

The Zumo Robot Shield can be fitted with a Reflectance Sensor Array that allows it to solve different line/maze style problems.

Zumo Robot

The Pololu Zumo Robot is a dual motor rubber tracked robot that fits inside the 10cm x 10cm rule for Mini Sumo Robot Competitions.

Larsen Scanner

This project gets its name from Glen A. Larsen who wrote the Knight Rider TV Series.

Push Button LED

Using a simple push button to light a LED.


Using a potentiometer (variable resistor) to change the flash rate of an LED.

Ardunio Bluetooth

Didn’t work, poorly documented and very minimal community support.