Extracting Data from NC Files.

Extracting columns from NC files and combining multiple files into one output file using Python.

jQuery Form Submit fails?

Is your JQuery auto submit failing for no apparent reason? It might be your submit button.

GMT Mapping Tools

Installing GMT Mapping tools onto Ubuntu.

Outlook 2010 Signatures in HTML

Microsoft have broken HTML Signatures in Outlook 2010 and gone back 10 years. In this post I try and fix it for a Fireworks HTML signature.

Connect to MAMP MySql with Java JDBC

Probably the easiest way to develop PHP/MYSQL Applications on the Mac is to install MAMP. This guide will help you to add Java capabilities.

Multi Field Dropdown in Cakephp.

You get the picture – your database stores Firstname and Surname but you want Full Name to appear in a drop down.

Securing Cakephp Forms including Ajax, JQuery & Security

While building a recent CakePHP solution in addition to securing my forms I needed to use some JQuery-driven Ajax calls. Although on the surface this appeared straight forward the documentation was lacking in the detail required. I wasted… Read More

Installing the FAN Library onto Ubuntu (or not as the case may be).

Setting up the FAN Library for Ubuntu takes some work. I started by trying to install the Python Scientific Library but this didn’t seem to give the packages I wanted. sudo apt-get install pyton-scientific So I then looked… Read More

Installing Ferret (NOAA) onto Ubuntu

Ferret is an application produced by the NOAA .  It is an interactive computer visualization and analysis environment used by Geographers and the like. This is how I installed it onto Ubuntu 10+ and my notes from following… Read More

Joomla RSS – Cache directory unwritable

The fix for this error in the Joomla News feed / RSS feed facility in Joomla 1.5 is very simple, but is frustratingly difficult to find.  There are many, many forum posts about this, none of which have… Read More