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Troop Efficiency

Upgrade order for troops and buildings.

Synology DS412+ Users Review

Setting up and living with a Synology DS4132+ used for: running a Moodle website plus others; remote file access; and as a shared LAN drive.

Ubuntu Secure Server Setup

So we’ve had need to open a couple of ports on our home-server to the real-world. Its like letting a child out in the evening for the first time alone – you’ve no idea what trouble they might… Read More

CakePHP Console under MAMP

So if you are running MAMP on your Mac and baking some CakePHP you may encounter errors when trying to run the Cake Console. The error is likely to look something like Warning Error: PDO::__construct(): [2002] No such… Read More

Creating Student Users on Ubuntu

Creating student users on Ubuntu is pretty straight forward but a little housekeeping can make life easier.

PHP Sanitation and Validation

Validating variables in web-based applications is a crucial aspect of any web development work where user input is taken and processed in some way.

Eclipse setup for Google SDKs

Installing the Google SDKs and Unable to connect to repository?