Voron Zero 0.1 Formbot Build.

This is working document for my Formbot Voron Zero 0.1 Build. I used the Print It Forward service which has been excellent and opted for the FYSETC Voron V0.1Full Metal Heat Bed Frame. Electric Shock Risk One area… Read More

Klipper for Ender 5+ with SKR1.4 (and EVA2)

Setting up an Ender 5+ running an SKR1.4 and EVA 2 with Klipper.

UV Cure Station

Inspired by these Elegoo Mars Pro UV Array with Grid issue lamps I decided to build a UV Cure Station that would fit the largest print object I could produce on the Saturn Printer. The Lamp Mounts I… Read More

Thinker Linear Rails & Direct Drive

The switch to a Direct Drive configuration and at the same upgrade to linear rails on both the Y and X axis.

Getting your prints to stick.

Reflections on resolving common levelling, offsetting and adhesion issues

Eryone Thinker SE Upgrade Modifications

Encouraged by Gary ‘Thinker’ Hall from CaveWorkz I joined the Eryone family just before Christmas. GH pointed me in the direction of a number of upgrades and modifications that would make the Eryone Thinker SE even more suitable.