• iRacing Broadcasting

    iRacing Broadcasting

    Working document containing notes on cameras, replays, recording and streaming in iRacing.

  • iRacing Wheel Configuration Options

    iRacing Wheel Configuration Options

    Notes on configuring the Simucube 2 Pro in iRacing and understanding the terminology.

  • Thinker Switchwire

    Thinker Switchwire

    What happens when a Eryone Thinker SE mates with a Voron Switchwire?

  • The iRacers Lament

    The iRacers Lament

    Why are the driving standards so bad? Look at this idiot. What could I have done to avoid this? Something needs to change.

  • iRacing Graphics Setup.

    iRacing Graphics Setup.

    Setup file for HP Reverb G2s in iRacing