I’ve been involved in technology of one form or another for over 30 years. After a stint in the music industry as a sound engineer I completed a Computer Science degree. Upon graduating I became a computing teacher and at the same time wrote my first website in PHP. That was 20 years ago and since then I have developed and managed a number of websites and applications.

Much of my experience is based around Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP (LAMP) both on managed hosting and virtual private servers (VPS/Cloud). We have a proven track record of developing with WordPress, Cakephp and Django. We have also advised clients on SEO, Adwords and Social Media development and undertaken work on their behalf.

Notable projects include:

  • Multi-Language Streaming Media Application for Members Only (CakePhp)
  • Opera Parents Evening Booking System (CakePhp)
  • Windguru Plugin/Extensions for Joomla and WordPress.
  • Security Database Syncing Tool (Java)
  • Company Intranet and Accounting System (Django)

No longer a teacher, I’m still making websites, programming and designing things with open source technologies and 3D printers. I’m a keen sim-racing and golfer who can also be found occasionally cycling or kitesurfing.

A little bit about my sim racing journey.

Always had an interest in fast cars from: watching F1 Legends Mansell, Hill, Coultard, Haikonen, Raikkonen; having aspirations for building and racing my own Sports Car; to owning for a short period a Renault Clio Cup 173. Given time and financial constraints with the benefits of modern computing Sim Racing is a safer and more suitable outlet for my inner speed demon.

My first look at Sim Racing was in 2010 when my wife left me unsupervised for 10 days (Work Conference in the US) and I set up a TV/PC combo with F1 on Steam and a Logitech G27. Poor FOV and a rig that had more in kin with a torture device on ice meant I lost interest very quickly.

Fast forward to lockdown (June 2021) and I was having adventures in racing on the xBox with a Logitech G923 and Forza 4 but was very quickly persuaded and encouraged away from arcade racing to sim racing and this escalated to a full Rig with Direct Drive and a decent PC.

My favourite aspects of sim-racing are first its accessibility and affordability compared to track-day and weekend racing. I also enjoy the building making aspect of it. Plus the community is amazing. Lots of nice peeps racing throughout the week.