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Byte Insight

Checking on available filespace

You can check on available file space using

df -h



To get a list in ascending order use:

du -ah | sort -rn

you can also | head to get top few files only.

Installing Webmin (Ubuntu 10.10)

1. Download webmin


2. Execute webmin package. Note this will FAIL but next instruction deals with that.

sudo dpkg -i webmin-current.deb

3. Install missing dependencies and it will automatically recompile webmin

sudo apt-get -f install

Enjoy webmin on https://[serverIP]:10000.

GREP Cheats

How to use GREP to find phrases in files.

grep -inr "phrase" foldername

File Permissions

What the numbers mean:

  • 4 = Read
  • 2 = Write
  • 1 = Execute

e.g. 7 = Read, Write and Execute.

Works on Users, Groups and Everyone  (left to right)

User Management

Managing users on Unix:

Add user:

adduser [username]
userdel [username]
passwd [username]

Setting File and Folder Permissions

I find these two commands really useful when I want to ensure that I have folder and file permissions correct for a website. ¬† Sometimes during development I’ll set them to 664 and 775 as I need the web group to have the same permissions as me but on live production servers you will tend to go with the defaults below.

You can reset file permissions with the line (don’t forget slashes before the semicolon):

find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

and folder permissions with:

find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

Windguru Plugins

Our Joomla Windguru Plugin and WordPress Windguru Plugin  now provide the `official` support of the Windguru Plugin inside Joomla and WordPress.  After much waiting I found time to double check the Joomla and WordPress versions; tweak my class version of Vaclav’s plugin and get everything looking good on a products page.