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Weewx On Cubie Truck

I have wanted to move my Weewx install onto the CubieTruck so I can use a SATA drive for storage but not gain another power socket.  I started by powering through all the required package installs as listed on the Weewx website and in my Weewx on Raspberry Pi post.

Synology and Weather Link


Ok, so phase two of operation Vantage Vue is to get it working on the Synology box using the weather link connection.  The problem appears to focus around a lack of synology support for the CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers used by the weather link serial.  A quick google for Synology CP210x led me to a Synology Forum Thread where Edurado has precompiled a collection of USB Serial Drivers including CP210x.ko!

You can download them from Drivers USB Serial K 3.2.30 DSM 4.2 x86 Pineview, just incase Edurado moves them from his original source.

Download them into a folder on your system and then unrar with

unrar e Drivers USB Serial K 3.2.30 DSM 4.2 x86 Pineview.rar

this will put four ko (cp210x.ko, ftdi_sio.ko, pl2303.ko, usbserial.ko) files into your current folder.  You might want to move them to a better location

mkdir usbdrivers
mv *.ko ./usbdrivers

Now before you move them into the lib/modules folder you will want to rename the ones that are already there.  DSM ships with ftdi_sio.ko and usbserial.ko but these seem to interfere with the ones provided with this package [see here].

bash-3.2$ sudo insmod /lib/modules/cp210x.ko 
insmod: can't insert '/lib/modules/cp210x.ko': invalid module format

So I used:

sudo mv /lib/modules/usbserial.ko /lib/modules/usbserial.ko.dsm
sudo mv /lib/modules/ftdi_sio.ko /lib/modules/ftdi_sio.ko.dsm

Now you are ready to move the new versions into place

cd usbdrivers
sudo cp *.ko /lib/modules/

Now to install them…

sudo insmod /lib/modules/usbserial.ko

Gurrrrr Same error.

insmod: can't insert 'usbserial.ko': invalid module format

Having looked again this drivers are for the D510 processor and not the 2700 processor so I would need to compile the drivers from source however as make is not instantaneously available without installing toolchains I’m thinking that I might look at an alternative such as RPi.  If you are interested then you will want to look at:

Please let me know if you have any luck!!

Weewx on Rasp!

This was my backup installation for Weewx and a La Crosse WS2350 Weather Station on a Raspberry Pi (RPi) after I suffered Python library problems with our Synology box.   It is assumed  you are running headless (no mouse, keyboard or monitor on the RPi) and have installed an SSH client on your main machine.