Saving Targa Files for iRacing from Photoshop

Its rather unfortunate that Photoshop makes it cumbersome to save targa (TGA) files. The following scripts solve this multi input operation with a single click.


It assumes that your develpment folder for that car matches the iRacing paint folder name for example the Skip Barber folder is called rt2000 and thus inside my template_SBRS folder I have a rt2000 folder.

You also need to rename the template file with the format car_custid.psd so if your cust_id was 123456 then the file would be called car_123456.psd.

Personally, when I download the template zip the first time I unzip it and this becomes my development folder for that car. I then drag the zip file into it so I have an original to restore to if required. Inside this car development folder is where I create the live folder matching the iRacing paint folder as shown below.

Installing the Scripts

I cannot take any credit for these scripts. I reached out to the adobe community and was lucky that Stephen was so super helpful. You can see our chat on Scripts for Saving Targa (TGA) files to a known folder location.

Download the scripts from here.

Unzip the download file above and assuming you are working in Windows the scripts need to be copied into your C:\Program Files\Adobe<Your Photoshop Version>\Presets\Scripts folder.

For more information and other platforms refer to Downloading and Installing Adobe Scripts.

Once the scripts are installed you will be able to access them via File > Scripts in photoshop.

Heads Up: Occasionally you will get a file write error. This seems to occur because iRacing has locked the file. Switching to the iracing window and moving the car seems to clear the error and then you will be able to run the script again.

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