iRacing Triple Setup

For reasons I may or may not expand upon I have switched to Triple Iiyama Red Eagle G-Master Gaming Monitors.

The criteria for monitors were: size (32″), resultion (2560×1440), fps (min 144hz) & price (<£1000/3). Iiyamas were a known brand to me as both our desks at home run them in pairs. The exact model is the GB3271QSU-B1 32″ WQHD 165Hz 1ms IPS. They have screen dimensions of 714mm x 425mm excluding all the stand/mount gaff.

Field Of Vision (FOV)

The basis for my setup came from this video by Daniel who explains how he has mapped the distances from his GT3 car into his triple set up. Daniel explains that a distance from eyes (or nose bridge) to screen of 700mm places the screen at the same distance as the dash console in his actual GT3 car.

This distance (hb) inside an Isosceles Triangle forms the basis of our calculation. You can use the Omni Calculator to do your own calculations.

Where the Base (b) is the width of a single monitor e.g 714mm.

Height from Apex (Hb) is that distance between the bridge of the nose and the centre point of the screen at 90 degrees and level e.g. 700mm

This results in a Vertex Angle (β) of 54 degrees and Base Angle (α) of 63 degrees.

Our FOV will be 3 x the Vertex Angle

e.g.162 degrees.

Here is the full maths:

We can then use those calculations to position the outer monitors in relation to the main central monitor.

Software Setup

No longer do you need to use Nvidia Surround – whoop whoop! You can just set it in your rendererDX11Monitor.ini file. I really recommend backing this file up once you have made changes as the slightest change in Windows can trigger it to reset. The section you are looking for is the [Display] section and the following:

  • windowedHeight: this is the height of a single monitor e.g 1440px
  • windowedWidth: this is the width of all three monitors e.g. 2560 x 3 = 7680
  • windowedXPos: this is the offset from your main monitor. so in the case of 3 triples -2560
  • windowedYPos: in most cases this can be left at 0 unless you have a fourth overhead monitor that is set to be your main.
  • fullscreen: 0

Fix the warping

Warping, where the horizon in the side screens looks curved or out of shape, occurs when your eyes are not centrally aligned with the middle line of your monitors. In iRacing you can correct this by adjusting the Vanish Y point. The following instructions can be read in detail on Driver61.

Example Warping Fix Calculation

  • The horizon looks straight at ‘Vanish Y’ = -26
  • Dive this by 2 (half) = -13 and set this as ‘Vanish Y’
  • Set ‘Orient P’. -13 x 0.3 = -3.9


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