iRacing Telem, APIs & SDKs

Yet another working document for telemetry.
There are 3 main ways to read iRacing data:

  • The API – this gets you access to game data such as cras, tracks & your results with all the bits in between.
  • The SDK – this gets you access to a good amount of session data while the sim is running. The most accessible root for non-programmers and pythonists is via the PyIrSDK which will also read the IBT files (see below)
  • The IBT Telemetry Files. Inside your iracing/telemetry folder you will find lots of IBT files. You could read those using the SDK or use Mu & MoTeC to analyse them.

The Telemetry – Reading IBTs with MoTeC

Set Up

Download & Install MOTEC Pro (released Feb 2019) from The MOTEC Website

Download & Install Mu by Patrick Moore from Github.

Get the freee purchase of Coach Dave’s Motec Wookbook from Coach Dave and install it. To install extract the zip file and enter the CDA Motec Basic Workbook folder. Double Click Coach_Dave and agree to installing the archive.

Gathering Telemetry

If you have files inside Documents\iRacing\telemetry folder you are already gathering telemetry. If there are no files you need to switch it on. Alt-L is the default keyboard command.

Converting IBT to Motec

HEADS UP – Mu will convert every single file in the telemetry folder in order and this can take a very long time. If you have lots of telemtry files I advise deleting the unwanted and old ones before starting Mu.

iRacing saves its telemetry files as IBT but Motec needs its own propriatory file format. Mu is the tool we can use to convert these files. As soon as you open Mu it will go to work. When you close Mu it will drop into your taskbar so you have to right click exit to stop it from monitoring that folder and converting anything that lands there.

Interpreting Data

Now on to the exciting stuff – lets dive into Motec.

  1. Open Motec and cancel out of the start up wizard.
  2. Click Open Existing Workspace and select Coach Dave.

The Coach Dave workbook we have installed has given us 3 different areas (worksheet) of insight. Each insight compares multiple channels of data from session.

On the left hand side you will see a button titled Data. We use this to load one of the convert telemetry files. There might be multiple files for a single session in iRacing. You can select them all.

The window that opens will be showing you a single lap of data from the session.

Making your own reports

If you want to make your own custom reports or do your own analysis:

  • Create a new worksheet: Top Menu > Layout > Add Worksheet
  • Choose the type of report you want to see: Top Menu > Add

The next step will involve adding the channels and customising the view as you wish.


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