Boat Blower Wind Sim [Retired]

Retired Solution – See updated 120mm Fans solution.

My twin blower design uses either a 12 or 24v 100mm/4″ boat blower and Arduino Uno with a Monster Motor Shield while a honeycomb straightener ensures maximum wind is blown towards you.


  • 8040 Extrusion Mount x 2
  • Base x 2
  • Main Body x 2
  • Honeycomb Straightener x 2
  • Front x 2
  • Tube Back x 2
  • Y Splitter x 1
  • Enclosure x 1
  • Enclosure Lid x 1

  • Arduino Uno x 1
  • Moto Shield x 1
  • Boat Blower x 1
  • Power Connectors x 3
  • Power Supply x 1
  • 50mm Smooth Bore Hose x 3m
  • 30mm Fan x 1
  • 15mm Heatsinks x 2
  • Wiring

Development Image Gallery


Boat Blower

Either a SEAFLO 24v 4″ 235CFM In-Line Bilge Blower Fan which has a compact body and five blade fan or a SEAFLO 12v 4″ 270CFM In-Line Bilge Blower Fan that comes with a larger body and six blade fan will work.

Motor Shields

Finding a motor shield now the Sparkfun MotoMonster is retired is a bit more of a challenge. Thankfully there are plenty of clones out there such as this one from Aliexpress – Monster Moto Shield VNH2SP30. In order to keep it cool I added a couple of 15mm2 heatsinks and a 30mm fan of an appropriate voltage.


The fans are connected using a length of SMOOTH BORE DUST EXTRACTION/ SUCTION HOSE from eBay.

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