iRacing Broadcasting

Working document containing notes on cameras, replays, recording and streaming in iRacing.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

The following tables are based on Keyboard Shortcuts

Media Controls

CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + VStart / Stop RecordingSaved to iRacing/Videos
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + STake ScreenshotSaved to iRacing/Screenshots

Replay Controls

SPACEToggle UI Off/OnNUMPAD 8Slow Motion
NUMPAD 5Play / PauseNUMPAD .Stop
SHIFT + NUMPAD 6Fast ForwardSHIFT + NUMPAD 4Rewind
NUMPAD 4Previous FrameNUMPAD 6Next Frame
CTRL + NUMPAD 4Previous SessionCTRL + NUMPAD 6Next Session
SHIFT + NUMPAD 1Previous LapSHIFT + NUMPAD 3Next Lap
CTRL + NUMPAD 1Previous IncidentCTRL + NUMPAD 3Next Incident
NUMPAD 7Start of RecordingNUMPAD 1End Of Recording

Camera Controls

SHIFT + CPrevious CameraCNext Camera
SHIFT + BPrevious Sub CameraBNext Sub Camera
SHIFT + VPrevious CarVNext Car
CTRL + VYour Car
PAGE DOWNPrevious Driving CamPAGE UPNext Driving Cam
;Center HMDCTRL + F12Camera Tool

Camera Moves

Some of these functions rely on Camera mode being Static and not At Car.

DDecrease LatitudeAIncrease Latitude
SDecrease LongitudeWIncrease Longitude
ALT + SDecrease AltitudeALT + WIncrease Altitude
CTRL + DDecrease YawCTRL + AIncrease Yaw
CTRL + WDecrease PitchCTRL + SIncrease Pitch
[FOV Zoom Out]FOV Zoom In
Dec. Key Step Factor=Inc. Key Step Factor
CTRL + PToggle Key AccALT + PToggle Key 10x

Camera Edits

ALT + NCycle Position TypeALT + MCycle Aim Type
CTRL + QAcquire StartSHIFT + QAcquire End
CTRL + LToggle Temporary Edits
CTRL + XDecrease Vanish X.ALT+ XIncrease Vanish X
CTRL + YDecrease Vanish YALT+ YIncrease Vanish Y
CTRL + HDecrease Blimp RadiusCTRL + GIncrease Blimp Radius
CTRL + MToggle ZoomCTRL + NToggle Dampening
CTRL + BToggle Beyond FenceALT + BToggle In Cockpit
CTRL + Z Toggle Mouse NavigationALT + OToggle Limit Shot Range
CTRL + JToggle pitch gyroALT + JToggle Roll Gyro
ALT + QShow CameraCTRL + TToggle Shot Selection
SHIFT + CTRL + INSERTInsert CameraSHIFT + CTRL + DELETERemove Camera
SHIFT + CTRL + CCopy CameraSHIFT + CTRL + VPaste Camera
CTRL + ALT + CCopy GroupCTRL + ALT + VPaste Group
SHIFT + CTRL + F11Load TrackCTRL + F11Save Track
SHIFT + ALT + F11Load CarALT + F11Save Car
ALT + UDec F. NumberALT + IInc F. Number
CTRL + UDecrease Focus DepthCTRL + IIncrease Focus Depth
ALT + EDecrease ExposureCTRL + EIncrease Exposure
CTRL + FToggle Manual Focus


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