Thinker Switchwire


The first printer I bought was an Eryone Thinker which is/was a medium sized cartesian FLM machine. Many modifications later it had a completely new tool head design, was running on linear rails for the X & Y and had a Klipper installation but something was wrong…

The Y-axis wheel mechanism restricted the tool head design and so after attempts at a EVA2 workaround the idea of a custom-conversion to a Voron Switchwire was born.

Printing the STLs

It is possible to use most of the STLs as standard. There are a few that because of the differences in 2040 /3030 construction alternates and/or modifications are better. Thankfully, DarkDog has published some from his Ender 3 to Switchwire conversion.

Alternate STLS

  • Z Carriage Stops – an extra four can be printed for the Y rails as well.
  • Upper Idler Supports Left and Right
  • Keybak
  • Y Stop Mount – my own design

New Bed.

Upright Move.

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