SimHub Wind Sim

Pre-VR I was not overly concerned about Wind Simulation but the warmth from wearing a VR Headset quickly led me to looking at the Simhub Arduino ShakeIt Wind Simulation mod.

Fans vs Blowers

Many people choose to use PC fans but discussing levels of performance with BiziRacing I decided to go with boat blowers. Boat blowers provide more air movement but their power requirements require greater consideration (IMHO).

Outlet Design

Once I had selected to go down the route of blowers I was able to design adjustable blower outlets. In the future I’d like to make a Hot Rod style air inlet for the top of the fan.

The fans are connected using a length of SMOOTH BORE DUST EXTRACTION/ SUCTION HOSE from eBay.

Motor Driver

Finding a motor shield that was compatible with Simhub and could carry the rampage of the boat blower was a challenge. There are a number of options for driving fans in SimHub but still finding a suitable solution was not easy. The DK Shield has been depreciated by Simhub and the Sparkfun MotoMonster is retired. There are plenty of clones out there but I have genuine safety concerns over the quality of some of these boards and have read numerous reports of down graded components.

In the end, I opted for the DKRobots DRI0002 2A Dual Motor Controller. It was well documented and came from a reputable supplier (not Amazon).

I also realised quite late on that information on Shakeit Wind was misleading me and ShakeIt V3 Motors Output Configuration provided better guidance.

My Parts List

1 x Arduino Uno – I had hoped to use a Nano installed inside the back of the Dashboard and then a Leonardo I had hanging around but the more I looked on the net it seemed it needed to be a Uno. I’m happy to be wrong but for now this is where we are going.

1 x SEAFLO 4″ x 24v Inline Boat Blower (SFIB2-235-04).

Max DrawFuseIntake Pipe Diameter
24V235/4002.0A4.0A4″/102 mm

1 x MDV 2x2A DC Motor Controller (L298N) from DFRobot. This seemed to be one of a small number of L298N devices that confidently stated it could handle 24V although I still have questions over whether its max 2A is going to cope with the max 2A of the fans – it would be nice to have some head room.

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