Assetto Corsa Car Setup.

If you are keen to maximise the performance of your car in Assetto Corsa then you are going to be tweaking the default setup. Laurence Dusoswa produced a really simple Assetto Corsa EASY car tuning guide cheat sheet video for You Tube and Chock Rick Bear goes into great detail about his thoughts on car setup on his website.

Below I have summarised what I have learnt for future reference. But what’s even better is when you can compare setups with a friend so there is a little diff feature as well!


1TYRESDrive 5+ laps with default base set up.
LD focuses on hot laps so use the Softest Tyres available. If they don’t last race distance due to conditions switch up to Medium or Hard but start here.
2INTERNAL GEARSAre you using all the power available to you.You want to be able to use all the gearing available. If you are not reaching the peak of top gear shorten it.
Not recommended to change intermediate gears as you’ll mess with proportions.
3PRESSURESUse SideKick to review and adjust your tyre pressures.Use relative screen to review the +/- values for tyre pressures. Do a few laps to warm up the tyres before reviewing and adjust in pits.
4RODLower the ride height of the car. The lower the centre of gravity the better.
Bumpy tracks/kerbs increase.
Don’t go lower than min (with race fuel).
5AEROFront Aero doesn’t cost top end – helps it turn in. Rear is speed. Focus on rear – adjust front proportionally.
6CAMBERAdjust Camber with Camber ExtravaganzaAim for green. Neg(blue) – tyres lean in. Pos(Red) in corners more neg camber needed.
7BRAKE BIASFronts lock – shift back.
Rears locking or spinning – shift forwards
8ARBAnti Roll BarsNot struggle change in direction – don’t adjust
9DIFFLower Diff power greater difference in wheel spin.
If exiting corner struggles – loosen it up.
10FUELDo low fuel runs



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