Development of a SimHub Dash

These are notes and discussion on the development of a SimHub Dash to sit over my SUC2.

MAX7221 LED Matrix – Gear Indicator

I have used a AZDelivery MAX7219 8 x 8 Dot Matrix MCU 64 LED which works out the box although there are two niggles with it. First it comes with the headers attached and this makes it very long. Second the solder pads on the PCB don’t seem very good and removing them can damage the board. As a variation I’ve ordered some Youmile 2Pack MAX7219 8×8 Dot Matrix which look to come with the headers off.

  • Data (DIN) – White – Pin 3
  • Load (LD/CS) – Yellow – Pin 4
  • Clock (CLK) – Green – Pin 5

MAX7219 8 Digit 7 Segment Displays – Times

Purchased from PiHut although I have been able to test these DF Robot 8-Digital LED Segment Display Modules (SKU: DFR0646-G & DFR0646-R) and 4-Digital LED Segment Display Module (SKU: DFR0645-G DFR0645-R) I have yet to get them working in SimHub.

24-02-22: I believe at the moment this is a library and I2C addressing issue. I suspect the displays require a proprietary library. and am waiting on confirmation from support forums.

I also have one Hobby Components MAX7219 8 Digit Seven Segment Display Module.–MAX7219-MAX7221-7-segment-display

  • Data (DIN) – White – Pin 6
  • Load (LD/CS) – Yellow – Pin 7
  • Clock (CLK) – Green – Pin 8

Both MAX7129 Devices above can be tested with Eberhard Fahle’s LEDControl library.

I had further issues here and eventually they were resolved by changing from a Nano to a Uno.


The three Zip Strips from Kitronik have 5 WS2812b LEDs each. I was able to test them with the FastLED library and the ColourPalette example.–Wiring-Setup

  • Data (DIN) – White – Pin 9

Adam Heart explains how to set it up in SimHub

I2C 20×4 Arduino LCD Display Module

This DF Robot I2C/TWI LCD2004 module was straight forward to set up using the already included DFRobot library.

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