Zumo Robot

The Pololu Zumo Robot is a dual motor rubber tracked robot that fits inside the 10cm x 10cm rule for Mini Sumo Robot Competitions (Click here to see a video). Powered by 4 x AA Batteries it is controlled by an Arduino Uno and the Zumo Robot Shield working in tandem.

The robot is fitted with:

  • Six reflectance sensors that can be used for edge detection and line following.
  • A buzzer for simple sounds and alerting to states and issues.
  • A 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyro for detecting impacts and tracking orientation

but it can also be fitted with additional sensors such as ultra-sonics for obstacle avoidance.


The robot comes fitted with an LED on pin13 (as per the Arduino) and a button that can be used to start/stop the Arduino during battles and tests.  The following script shows how the button could be used to switch the LED on and off.


Pushbutton button(ZUMO_BUTTON);
int ledPin = 13;

//setup - this code is run once
void setup() {

//loop - repeatedly runs
void loop() {
  if ( button.isPressed() ) {
  } else {


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