Sith 2005

This is an algorithm trace task. No implementation is required.

Read the following algorithm.

(Ai) Copy and complete the table below to show successive values of each of the variables when the input data is 3, 1, 1. [10]

(Aii) Copy and complete the table below to show the results of your trace. [1]

(B) The above algorithm produces a pattern for entering numbers into a square array. Use this pattern to complete a copy of Table 2.3 if the input is 7, 3, 2. [9]

(Ci) Explain what would happen if the input data were 8, 1, 1. [2]

(Cii) Explain how to modify the algorithm so that it provides an appropriate response to this data. [3]

This task was worth 25 Marks.  It was a software development task and an implementation task that orginally appeared in OCR 2507 Task 2 Jun 2005.  All rights and copyright to OCR.  Please refer to the OCR Copyright Statement for further information.


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