Based on the Cluedo BoardGame and the whodunnit starter from Stuart Lucas@CAS. Using the data provided write a program that randomly picks a location, weapon and person to generate a murder scene.

  • People: Professor Plum, Reverend Green, Miss Scarlet, Mrs Peacock, Mr Black.
  • Weapons: Knife, Gun, Candlestick, Lead Piping, Rope.
  • Rooms: Kitchen, Conservatory, Lounge, Dining Room, Bedroom, Library

Simple Game

The player should be asked to pick one of each.

The computer will test the scenario and tell them how many correct choices they made.

A simple enhancement would be to record each guess with the number of right answers – rather like the mastermind code breaking game.

Possible Approach

  • At its simplest the Cluedo problem needs three arrays (one each for room, weapon, person) loaded with the different options.  Don’t forget in Python you would use a list!
  • The computer randomly picks one item from each array – this is the crime.
  • The user then makes a guess.
  • The computer attempts to match and tells the user how many they have correct but not which ones. 

Some of these steps will need repeating until the user makes a correct guess.


Any problem you write should be tested and the best way of ensuring that you do a good job testing is to plan it before hand.  


Develop your game so it:

  • Only allows the user to pick adjacent rooms as per the house map.
  • Follows the rules for Cluedo as closely as possible.

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