Area Calculator

In this challenge you should write a program that calculates the area of different shapes. It is a chance for you to practice basic maths inside a program amongst other skills.  I would approach it something like:

  • Create a program that will calculate the area of a rectangle.
  • Use an IF statement to ask the user which shape they would like to calculate the area of.
  • Add an option for a Triangle.
  • Import the maths library and use it to calculate the area of a Circle.
  • At this point you might think about using methods to split your code up into small manageable chunks.

Flowchart Description of the Algorithm.


Write a program to calculate the surface area of the following shapes: a square, a cube, a pyramid, and a cylinder.  Ask the user which shape he would like to calculate the area for, and the dimensions that are needed for the calculation.

The formulæ for each shape follows.

  • Area of a cube: 6 X (Length of side)2
  • Area of a pyramid: (Number of faces X Length of base X Height) / 2
  • Area of cylinder : 2?Radius X Height


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