Flip Lamp

This Flip Lamp is going to be a neat project for our Maker’s club at school next year.

LED Choices include:

  • Super Bright 10mm LED (PPCOM-08860)   3.0 to 3.4 VDC @ 80mA  (£1.36)
  • 5V Colour Change 10mm LED (PPKIT3544)  2.7 to 5.0VDC @ 25mA (£0.76) Note: Does not require a CL Resistor.

The Lamp will be powered by a simple CR2032 3V battery.   Amazon currently sell packs of 12 Panasonic CR2032 for £3.70 (£0.31 each)

Battery Holder Choices include:

  • Coin Battery Holder – Sewable SMB (£1.36) :  Flat base could be mounted directly to the jar lid with glue.
  • Coin Cell Holder (£0.29):  Has posts that would need bending outwards.

The circuit will be turned on and off by a Tilt Switch (£1.76)

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