Arduino Capacitive Switches

When I saw this Arduino capacitive switching demoed at UWE, Bristol I was sold on the little board. Pinball with paper clips and Maltesers!

Circuit 06 – Piezo Tunes

Having explored Motion, Light and Electrons we are now going to look at Sound using a simple circuit consisting of a single Piezo element.  Even though the output of the Arduino is digital because of its speed it is possible… Read More

Circuit 05 – Shift Register

Shift Registers are a type of Integrated Circuit (IC) or chip.  The Shift Register is a serial to parallel convertor that allows us to control eight additional output pins with just three on the Arduino.  You can link them together… Read More

Circuit 04 – Servos

Servos can be used for lots of things where a great detail of control is needed such as steering RC vehicles, robotics and freaking out small children with moving dolls.  Standard Servos like the one provided by Oomlout… Read More

Circuit 03 – Transistors and Motors

The Arduino will allow you to attach low power devices directly to its pins but items such as motors requiring more power require a transistor. A Transistor allows you to switch big volts using little volts. In circuit… Read More

Circuit 02 – More Blinking LEDs

So in the second starter circuit multiple LEDs are linked up and patterns created.

Circuit 01 – Blinking LED

This is the first ‘getting started’ circuit that makes an LED blink on and off as per the Ardx explanation.

Look … an Arduino!

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Ubuntu Secure Server Setup

So we’ve had need to open a couple of ports on our home-server to the real-world. Its like letting a child out in the evening for the first time alone – you’ve no idea what trouble they might… Read More