Outlook 2010 Signatures in HTML

In the great wisdom of Microsoft they have broken HTML Signatures in Outlook 2010. Well actually that’s not true – they’ve gone backwards 10 years. If you want to show MS your frustration go to http://fixoutlook.org.

Thankfully, developers and IT Geeks world over have sought for a working solution to some of the problems at least. This solution comes via Claudio on Fuel Your Coding.

1) Create your nice html signature file with any html editor.
2) Save it as something.html, then open the same file with MS Word
3) Within Outlook 2010, create a new signature with some name and leave the window open.
4) Go back to Word, where your signature is being displayed, copy and then paste it into the signature editing box in Outlook.

This method certainly appears correct in the email but we are still keeping fingers crossed that the email arrives the other end links and bits intact.

One Comment on “Outlook 2010 Signatures in HTML

  1. I got the hump on this one as it didn’t work once it arrived the other end.

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