Bridge Score Cards

Free to Download

These Bridge Score sheets were made by my wife for her Aunt, who plays a lot of bridge and had some ancient photocopied score pads. She asked me to put the score cards onto her computer, so she could print them out and so I made her these Word .doc versions:

A contract score pad with a place for individual scores and ‘we’ ‘they’ columns:

And a Chicago Score Card, with space for four Chicagos, Partner, the contract and score.

I’m making these Bridge Score Cards free to download, and I hope that they aid you in your Bridge playing.  Just download them, print on to A4 paper or card and cut into individual score cards.

Free Score Pad Downloads

Free Chicago Downloads


These files have been produced using Mac Word but successfully used on Windows XP by our aunt.  If you are having issues opening and printing please:

  1. Check you are using appropriate software for the version you have downloaded
  2. Check your printer settings.  In the UK we use A4 as default so everything is set to A4 except where indicated.

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