Joomla Windguru Plugin

This plugin is almost certainly no longer working in current versions of Joomla and/or WindGuru but this is its 9th Birthday so I leave it here for prosperity.

Installation Notes

  • Download the plg_weWindGuru_v2 plugin and install as per any other Joomla plugin on your system. You will need to enable it as per normal.
  • Go to plugins/content/windguru/windguru-1.7 and open the windguru.config.php file.   You need to set:
    • id_user – you can get this from the windguru website
    • cache_type – probably mysql as you are using joomla
    • and finally the mysql database settings for your joomla website.
  • Test successfully installation of Vaclav’s Windguru plugin with the following url being sure to replace your.server.domain with the root of your joomla website.
    • http://your.server.domain/plugins/content/windguru/windguru-1.7/windguru_forecast_test.php
  • Set up your sites as per version 1.
  • This is a BETA version and has only been tested locally but it does work for multiple forecasts.   It does give a strict error but this is more due to the development setup and should not be seen on a production server.

Adding Forecasts

  • Create a new or use an existing article placing the following code somewhere within the article
    {windguru XXX:12345}
  • XXX refers to the spot number that you are interested in e.g.  306 is Weston Super Mare near me.
  • 12345 is some random number created by Windguru when you set up a spot as a favourite within your Windguru account settings.
  • You can alter the CSS file inside the wg_images folder – I found it useful to create a over-riding class to set the color of the text.

Getting the windguru forecast codes.

The plugin system will only work if you have registered with windguru and have created favourite forecasts in your windguru account.

  1. Register with Windguru: If you are not already registered with Windguru go to
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Go to Settings > Forecasts for your Websites.
  4. You are able to add up to 10 spots – either click on Add Another Spot or select one from those you have previously created.
  5. In the forecast preview you will see the forecast followed by some code. You want the two numbers located inside the php code.
  6. Place these numbers inside the plugin call as explained for each plugin.

I owe a huge thanks to Vaclav Hornik for his support and letting me publish these plugins

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